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Hr2-10 factory Full Automatic Siemens Motor Paver Machine Clay Brick Making Machine in India with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

 HR2-10 full automatic CZPT motor paver machine clay brick making machine construction machinery in India 

 HR2-10 is a new technology automatic hydraulic interlocking brick making machine ,
having large capacity It adopts world -famous brand CZPT motor and Schneider
switch ,durable and preium .It can produce different size and style of bricks by changing
moulds ,which saves time and machine maintainence .

What’s the specification of the hydraulic interlocking brick making machine HR2-10?

What’s the advantageof the HR2-10 brick making machine?

1.The machine motor adapt world CZPT brand CZPT brand ,larger CZPT .
2.Intelligent discharging system.Unloading more accurate and consistent.
3.Vault design cylinder. The cylinder volume is bigger, and the pumping hydraulic oil efficiency is higher.
4.Automatic production lines, specializing in the production of Lego clay chain.

Finished products 

Our CZPT ers 

About us 

Company profile

        We are a member of Alibaba CZPT Assurance which is a new service provided by Alibaba, safeguarding buyer’s payment to suppliers to ensure suppliersfulfill theirobligationsregarding order delivery and product quality. Glad to tell you that wehavejoined the CZPT Assurance on Alibaba to protect your payment to make surethat we deliver on time and manufacture quality products as required.
 Henry CZPT Co., Ltd has been committed to designer, manufacturer, saler ofconstruction machinery, super professional skills. With over 23 years of experience, we produce a wide  range of products like hollow block machine, soil brick machine, interlocking brick machine,paving machine, crusher, mixer, block mould and paving mould. Our products have been well sold  to hundreds of countries and regions such as CZPT pe, CZPT ica, Africa, the Middle east, Southeast Asia, etc, winning the high reputation of CZPT ers from domestic and overseas. Now  has 3 offices in foreign countries.

(1) Professional suggestions (raw material matching, machine selection, plan
The condition of building factory, feasibility analysis for brick machine production line)
(2) Device model choice (recommend the best machine according to the raw material, capacity 
and the size of brick)
(3) 24 hours on-line service
(4) Welcome to visit CZPT factory and production line any time, if you need, we can Make invitation 
letter for you.
(5) Introduce the company file, product categories and production process.
(1) Update the production scheduling in time
(2) Quality supervision
(3) Product acceptance
(4) CZPT on time
(1) The engineer will guide to carry out the plant at the clients side CZPT .
(2) Set up, fix, and operate 
(3) offer  training to the operator until they are satisfied at clients side. 
(5) Recall clients regularly ,get feedback in time ,keep well communication with each other

Contact us 

Name: Sarah
Add: LinYi City.ZheJiang Province ,China 


Qhj4-18 best Full Automatic Hydraulic Hollow Solid Cement Concrete Fly Ash Sand Color Paver Interlocking Building Block Brick Making Machine with Lowest Price with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

QHJ4-18 Full-automatic Block Making CZPT /Cement Interlocking Hollow Brick Block Making CZPT

Description for Full-auto J4-18 Block Making CZPT :
1. For this machine, a lot of advantages of medium and small sized block forming machines at
home and abroad are absorbed and digested. So it is reasonable in design, stable in function and convenient in maintenance.
2. In this labor machine, the authorization level is high, with automatic materials feeding and automatic bracket board distributing, so as to reduce the labor intensity largely. This machine can be installed with PC device, the full automatic production. 

3.For its bottom table, the vertical directional pressing and vibrating are adopted in order to obtain high intensity pressure to the blocks to be produced. After forming the products can be piled up 3-5 layers. This machine is stronger in applicability for multifunctional use, that is, only matching with different molds and dies, it can be used to manufacture the blocks of all specifications. It is the most satisfactory equipment for medium sized block manufacturers.
 Main Advantages for Full-auto Block Making CZPT :
1) Host machine, every part all use thicken plate, make the machine strong and wear-resisting.
2) Fully automatic ,very easy operated by workers, greatly reduce the labor-cost.
3) Japan CZPT PLC control system, ensure the machine runs extremely smoothly, CZPT serving life. Faults-displaying and the troubles-shooting on the cabinet.
4) CZPT ulic system, three-stage pressure control valve are adopted. so the pressure for all actions of the machine can be adjusted automatic.
5) Direct chain transmission, to sure very low noise, and easy to check the fault.
6) CZPT vibration and head pressure together, make the brick high strength and density.
7) All the mold are carburizing by heat treatment, can using more than 120,000 times.
Size for Block Making CZPT :

 product quantity 390X190X190mm  4pcs/mold
Power 27.5KW
Cycle 15s
 Weight 4500KG
 shift capacity 3000pcs
Host overall size 380X200X260cm
Rated pressure  16MP
Pallet size 880X550X20mm

Production Capacity for Block Making CZPT  

Characteristic for Block Making CZPT :

Nine characteristics compared with clay brick:
1. Not using the clay as raw material to destroy any field.
2. Making use of three industrial wastes to change wastes into valuables
3. Not using fire to bake blocks and not building kiln to save the energy sources and fields.
4. No chimney to protect the environment and avoid pollution.
5. Production process is simple, they can be made everywhere
6. Low investment and achieving much CZPT er results, CZPT ers can profit in half a year after investing.
7. The block can be produced all around the year.
8. CZPT looking, construction convenient, low-floor real jigsaw puzzle, and the high buildings do filler and cheap.
The building block machine, through mould and by application of fly ash and other industrial waste, can produce all kinds of hollow block machine solid block

Package for Block Making CZPT :
1. PE film package and iron box package,it will protect your machine well during CZPT time shipment. Even if you buy the machine for the first time, we will provide best service for all the Purchasing Process, pls don’t worry.
2. Loading port: HangZhou, just tell us your port nearby, then we check shipping cost and delivery time.
The Size of Block which CZPT Block Making CZPT could produce:

Our CZPT s for Brick Making Machine :
We have built CZPT er business relationship with CZPT clients from different countries visited CZPT factory and bought the block machines, such as Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Chile, Jamaica, Guatemala, CZPT ti, etc.

All Types for all brick making machine :


Qt4-20 Custom Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine, Concrete Hollow Paver Block Making Machine in Construction Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

 Qt4-20 CZPT matic Cement Brick Making CZPT , Concrete Hollow Paver Block Making CZPT in CZPT CZPT ry

QT4-20 full automatic cement concrete hollow block making molding machine by adopting the combination of vibration between platform and the upper die, the produced block has the advantages of high compactness, high strength, beautiful appearance. Regular vibration, automatic lifting, simple operation and high production efficiency, it’s a better choice for users.


Main advantages:

1.QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine is four columns oriented, with vibrating electrical machine. During working time ,the lower vibrostand and upside pressure head vertically vibrate synchronously, make the raw materials dense.

2. Timing vibration, automatically lift mold,with hopper and conveyor can save manpower.
3. CZPT ‘s body is made from profiles, strong earthquake resistance, and suspension use the “spring vibration isolation” and directional vertical vibration technology to reduce CZPT consumption as well as loss of mould.
4. The pressure head is CZPT itudinal traverse for convenient to feeding, maintaining and washing.
5. The plate vibrate with mold box synchronously, without impact force and with a CZPT life.
6. Multi -usage, with a variety of mold can produce the block with CZPT specifications. Easy and convenient.


Main technical specifications:

QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine for sale
Main CZPT Dimension Weight Voltage Corollary Equipment
2700*1900*2100 mm 3t customizable conveyor and mixer


Daily Capacity
Block size(mm) Molding cycle Number of CZPT y Mold Capacity/8 hours
400*200*200 20s 4 pcs/mould 5700 pcs
400*150*200 20s 5 pcs/mould 7200 pcs
400*100*200 20s 7 pcs/mould 10000 pcs
240*115*90 20s 15 pcs/mould 21600 pcs
240*115*53 20s 24 pcs/mould 34500 pcs

Why Choose us? 

1.Rich experience: 
Factory with 20 years experience. CZPT s have been well proved for good use.

We are reputable and large manufacturers of brick machine with numerous certifications guarantee the quality of CZPT machine. No smuggled goods.

3.Competitive price:
Factory supply directly,not trading company,much competitive price,lower more than30% than other company.

4.Perfect after service:
Engineer overseas door-to door service.24 hours online.All the machine one year warranty,technical support by free.

5. CZPT d machine quality:
1) Host machine total 5.5T,every part all use thicken plate, make the machine strong and wear-resisting.
2) Fully automatic ,very easy operated by workers, greatly reduce the labor-cost.
3) Japan CZPT PLC control system, ensure the machine runs extremely smoothly, CZPT serving life. Faults-displaying and the troubles-shooting on the cabinet.
4) Hydraulic system, three-stage pressure control valve are adopted. so the pressure for all actions of the machine can be adjusted automatic.
5) Direct chain transmission, to sure very low noise, and easy to check the fault.
6) Mould vibration and head pressure together, make the brick high strength and density.
7) All the mold are carburizing by heat treatment, can using more than 120,000 times.


Qt6-15 near me Automatic Chb Moulding Hollow Block Machinery Color Paver Brick Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

                                          QT6-15 Block making machine Description
1.QT6-15 brick Machine work principle
Chain automatically feed plate, manual participation, vibration box on both sides of the hydraulic motor driven by high frequency, low-frequency cloth, pressurized, another double oil top pressure, and the production of good quality, high density block.

2.QT6-15 brick Machine Configuration
(1) JS500 Description: to mix the raw material of sand, loosen stones, cement, etc
Item: JS500 Mixer                           
Power: 18.5kw
Feeding capacity: 800L
Discharge capacity:500L
Overall dimension (mm):3030*2300*2680mm


(2)Host brick machine:
making concrete block via mould pressing.
China CZPT brand hydraulic station and mature machine making technolgy makes CZPT machine very stable working;

the linear cutting moulds with heat treatment, give the mould CZPT er life than others; we are doing the job seriousely.

precision and careful workcraft makes the beatiful brick machine outlooking.

(3) Manual Block Trolley
Function:The trolley is used to transport the block on pallet to storage area.Two trolleys are equipped for each machine

3.QT6-15 brick Machine specifications

main technical parameters
(1) Dimension of host machine 4000*1800*2800mm (6) Host machine CZPT 30kw
(2) Moulding period 15-20s (7) Vibration force 40-50KN
(3) bamboo pallet size 1571*550*25mm (8) Mixer model JS500
(4) Weight of the host machine 5.5T (9) Voltage 380V/415V
(5) workshop area 250-300 m2 (10) labour 7-8

4.QT6-15 brick Mahcine prodcuctivity

production capacity
  Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould  Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr pcs/month
(1) 400*250*200 3 450-540 3600-4320 108000-129600
(2)  400*200*200 4 600-720 4800-5760 144000-172800
(3) 400*150*200 6 900-1080 7200-8640 216000-259200
(4) 400*100*200 8 1200-1440 9600-11520 288600-345600
(5) 230*110*70 24 4320 34560 1036800
(6) 200*100*60 16 2880 23040 691200
(7) 200*163*60 8 1440 11520 345600


5.QT6-15 brick CZPT area Needed:
Theoretical workshop requirements: 50 square meters, need 6-8 workers, one operates the mixer and feeds material, one operates the host machine, and two workers transport the blocks. The office, curing area, stacking area are arranged according to your specific conditions.

6.After-sale Service
We have CZPT own technician team to do the machine installation for automatic brick machine line, and for some semi-automatic or manual block machine, normally user can operate the machine well, if technician is required, we can also meet the demand.
 And we provide 7*24 hours online service during after and before sales service.
7. Our Advantages
(1)Using the ultra strong steel and special welding techniques, it is strong and of high resistanceto vibration; 
(2)Using imported electrical appliances, sealing parts and parts of hydraulic components, like Simens CZPT , Simens PLC, Mitusbish PLC, or CZPT CZPT brand motors, Switches, etc. the equipment’s comprehensive performance is stable and reliable; 
(3) CZPT company focus on the technology of gearbox, which is key point of the brick machine, which can improve the productivity speed and block quantity.
8. FAQ
(1)Packing method ?
  Nude packing, or in plastic clothes, or in plywood box, accordingly.
(2)What’s motor and electric brand we choose for CZPT machine?
  Siemens brand, or Chinese CZPT brand.
(3) What kind of steel my machine and molds use ?
   Q235B for machine, Mn steel for molds. More durable.
(4) Will you send engineer to install for user?
   Yes, we have technician service team. They will supply service as per needs.
(5) Are there any spare parts together with the machine ?
  Yes, we will send spare parts together with machine, the user could use more than two years.
(6)Do you supply free technical service during later production ?
   Yes, we have online technical service in 24hours.
(7) What is the Warranty for the machine?
 For the machine,we have 1 years warranty(except the wearing part ).If any quality
problems on CZPT side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement. 

9.Company profile
HangZhou Raytone CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd 
(Export Division: HangZhou Raytone CZPT ry Imp&Exp Co., located at Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.ang CZPT area, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. County, HangZhou city, with 100 more staff, with a standard workshop of 22,000sqm, and owns comprehensive manufacture facilities and more than 200 sets of CZPT finishing machines. We mainly manufacture all types of concrete block making machine, concrete batching plant and corollary equipment for the block machine line; The products have been sold widely to more than 60 countries. At present, we can manufacture 3,000 sets of construction machinery per year. 
  Our company has set up a complete set of effective management system to strengthen the inner management, focusing on quality and after-sales services;
Sincere to the buyer, providing brilliant quality products, excellent service, competitive price and prompt delivery is CZPT business principle;
Welcome CZPT friends to visit CZPT company for further cooperation.

 Quality CZPT and satisfactory service is CZPT promise.

Full shop Automatic Hollow Cement Concrete Paver Block Brick Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Kaidong Qt10-15 CZPT matic Concrete Block Making CZPT Germany CZPT nology Brick Making CZPT

  ZheJiang KAIXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CZPT CZPT CO.,LTD(ZheJiang KAIQIAN IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD) are professional building materials machinery and equipment research, manufacture and export company. Company business started in 1998, year turnover is more than 50 million USD. The company’s main products are concrete block making machine, AAC block machine, concrete pole pipe making machine, concrete roof tile machine and mixer.

  The company passed ISO9001 management system and the CZPT pean CZPT CE certification, the products absorb the German mechanical design and manufacturing experience, focus on quality design, high-quality material, exquisite welding and strict inspection process to ensure high-quality equipment and maximize service life. Company products are exported to CZPT Asia, Africa, South CZPT ica, CZPT ern CZPT pe, the Middle CZPT , Australia and more than 90 countries and regions.

  Company of “integrity first, win-win cooperation”, the positive development of quality products, improve the quality of service. We are not only the machinery products supplier, most important is that we are best program and service supplier according to clients real conditions. Welcome all CZPT ers to cooperate with us.

Product Discription

  QT10-15 full-automatic concrete block making machine adopts vibration and hydraulic pressure combination. It has high pressure and block making speed. The automatic material feeding system adopts 360 degree rotating feeding method. The feeding course is done at one time with high finished block density and speed. Pallet is feeding automatically and the block is delivering by the CZPT chain.

  This machine is suitable for CZPT ers who mainly produce standard bricks and blocks. Can produce high number of blocks at single time with CZPT speed and good hydraulic pressure. This machine uses computer PLC central control system, which can realize automatic mixing, material feeding and molding.

Technical Data

QT10-15 CZPT matic Concrete Block Making CZPT CZPT nical Parameters
Dimension of Host CZPT 3500* 2300* 2930mm Weight of Host CZPT 9.8 Tons
Molding Area 1096*880mm Water Consumption 10-15 Tons/Day
Workshop Area 300m2 Host CZPT CZPT 37KW
Vibration Force 100KN Mixer Model JS750
Pallet Size 1100* 900* 28mm Voltage 220/380/415/440V(Customized)
Molding Period 15-20 Seconds Vibration Method Hydraulic+Platform Vibration
Vibration Frequency 2800- 4500 Times/Minute    

Product Samples


NO. Size(Length*Width*Height) Pieces/Mould Pieces/Hour Pieces/Shift(8 Hours)
1 400*200*200mm 10 1500-1800 12000-14400
2 400*150*200mm 12 1800-2160 14400-17280
3 400*100*200mm 18 2700-3240 21600-25920
4 200*163*60mm 20 3600-4800 28800-38400
5 200*100*60mm 32 5760-7680 46080-61440
6 230*110*70mm 40 7200-9600 57600-76800

Project Abroad

Factory Visit