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Xcmc shop Popular Road Machine Ground Paver RP601j with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

XCMC Popular Road CZPT Ground Paver RP601J
Contact Person: Vicky Zhu

Product Description

RP601J/R701J asphalt concrete paver has stable and reliable performance and higher performance/price ratio, applicable to the paving of CZPT kinds of stabilized foundation materials and asphalt mixing materials such as stabilized soil and lime-flyash soil, which achieves multiple applications in the construction work for CZPT grades of highways, city roads, parking lots, and squares. The machine features large traction force, strong drive force, compact structure, and convenient operation; it adopts CZPT d hydraulic telescopic single vibrator, gas heated screed, and the automatic leveling devices (2 CZPT itudinal and 1 horizontal), which ensures higher flatness and compactness of the road surface. The imported high performance wear resistant material and imported hydraulic, electric, and drive parts are commonly used, the manufacturing quality and reliability of the machine has achieved CZPT d level among similar products, which ensures CZPT life. The unique environmental gas heating system and central lubricating system make more convenient maintenance. Besides, the machine can also be CZPT ized with different screed according to CZPT er needs.

Efficient and strong CZPT system
The mature and reliable CZPT YC6108G water cooling turbocharged engine has strong CZPT , 92 kW.
The originally imported double gear pump, valves, and joints ensure reliable CZPT distribution and efficient delivery.

Stable track system
The travel drive device adopts 28BH chain, featuring large bearing capacity and reliable performance.
The CZPT track with large ground contact area has strong traction force and higher adhesive force, which ensures stable travel speed at tough road conditions.

Convenient large hopper
The hopper capacity is 13t, which can be applicable to CZPT dump vehicles; enough storage volume ensures continuous paving; the swing type CZPT pushing wheel ensures easy alignment with the dump vehicle and maximally reduces the impact on the paver.

Efficient material feed/distribution system
The bottom plate of feeding system adopts imported extra wear resistant steel plate, which ensures CZPT life.
The material level control adopts CZPT ng control technology, and the material feeding/distribution speed can be stepless adjusted by work conditions.
The clutch is controlled by main switch, it can automatically lock the screed when the machine stops and it can prevent the wave of restart and the misoperation when the automatic leveler stops, which improves the levelness of the road surface.
Choose different chain wheels at the clutch for material feeding and distribution; the small chain wheel is used for paving stabilized materials, which can ensure higher speed; the large chain wheel is used for paving asphalt materials, which will ensure the material feeding/distribution speed and at the same time improve paving speed and effectively reduce the segregation of materials.

Advanced anti-segregation technology
The supporting part of the distribution shaft is installed with additional distribution blade, which ensures the continuous of CZPT cal line.
The large diameter large pitch blade features good material distribution capability, which can effectively reduce the distribution revs and reduce the segregation of materials.
It adopts 2 reverse blades at the middle of the distribution bin, which can effectively eliminates the segregation belt in the middle.

Product Parameters

Items Unit Parameters
Basic paving width m 2.5
Max. paving width m 6/7
Max. paving thickness mm 300
Paving speed m/min 2.0~5.98
Travel speed km/h 1.52~4.55
Theoretical Productivity t/h 400
Hopper Capacity t 13
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3(Asphalt)/5(Stabilized soil)
Transverse levelling accuracy % 0.02
Engine model / YC6108G
Engine Parameters kW/rpm 92/2300
Fuel tank capacity L 160
Machine weight t 19.3
Dimension mm 6636×2580(3000)×3680

Items Unit Parameters
Screed model / 475Q TVC
Type / Single vibrator+Gas heating Single vibrator+Gas heating
Extension / Hydraulic Mechanical assembly
Width m 2.5~6/7 3~6/7
Vibrator speed r/min 0~1500 0~1500
Vibrator amplitude mm 4 4
Extra-long screed mm 625/1125 750,500,250

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Automatic near me shop Manual Cement Lime Powder Hollow and Paver Brick Molding Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Automatic Manual Cement Lime Powder Hollow and Paver Brick Molding CZPT  

Advantage of QT4-24 Interlocking Paver Brick Making CZPT

1).QT4-24 is a semi automatic block production line with lcarge capacity

2).New design and new technology,it can produce CZPT er and better quality

3).Multi function:produce different size hollow blocks,solid brick,interlocking brick,paving brick and curb stones by changing molds


1). Raw material: use hopper trolley delivery into mixer; need 2 workers

2). Mixer: Mixing and produce concrete, then conveyor delivery concrete to block machine hopper; need 1 worker

3). Hollow block machine: Forming blocks, then delivery to stacker by block receiver; no need workers

4). Maual forklift trolley: delivery new blocks to curing area; need 2 workers

5). Curing area: Curing need 10-15 days, then take blocks out from pallet; need 1-2 workers

6). Trolley: delivery pallet to hollow block machine area; need 1 worker

7). Sell blocks: Sell blocks and management; 1 worker

Total need about 7-8 workers in QT4-24 hollow block machine factory.

Technical Parameters of QT4-24 Block Making CZPT  

Dimension 1850*1150*2100mm
Power 13.45kw
Molding Cycle 24s
Vibration Force 48kn
Vibration Frequency 4200r/min
Capacity  4800pcs/8hour
Weight 1800kgs
Accessories mixer,conveyor and stacker

Capacity of CZPT ent Type Blocks 

Block Making CZPT in Zambia,Cambodia,Congo and Ghana

Automatic Manual Cement Lime Powder Hollow and Paver Brick Molding CZPT  

Mobile: 189 5399 7400


4.5m near me shop Width RP452L Asphalt Concrete Paver Laying Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

4.5m Width RP451L Asphalt Concrete Paver Laying CZPT

Items Unit Parameters
Basic paving width m 2
Max. paving width m 4.5
Max. paving thickness mm 150
Paving speed m/min 0~13
Travel speed km/h 0~13
Theoretical Productivity t/h 240
Hopper Capacity t 12
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3
Transverse levelling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % 0~+3
Engine model   4JR3G1
Engine CZPT kw 55
Engine speed r/min 2200
Fuel tank capacity L 130
Machine weight t 10.5
Dimension mm 5690X2070X3590
Auger speed r/min 0~73
Conveyor speed m/min 0~30
Vibration frequency Hz 3~42
Screed heating   Gas heating
Auger and conveyor control   Automatic Control by CZPT sonic Sensors
Automatic levelling control   Simulation Control Simulation control


Items Unit Parameters
Screed model / EV35Q
Type / Gas heating, vibration
Extension / Hydraulic
Width m 2.0-4.5
Vibrator speed Hz 0-42

RP451L paver is the first full hydraulic compact type tyre asphalt concrete paver. It adopts full hydraulic drive and automatic electro-hydraulic control, featuring CZPT d technology and reliable performance. The minimum width of the machine is 2 meters, which is the smallest among homemade products. It is flexible and has wide applications. The rear 4WD technology effectively improves the driving force of the machine. The ergonomic design makes it simple and convenient to operate and maintain. Thus the product has high performance/price ratio.
RP451L paver can be widely used in the construction of highways, streets, country roads, expressways and the road maintenance work. It can effectively improve the flatness and compactness of the road surface.
Reliable drive system
It is the first set of full hydraulic drive compact type tyre asphalt concrete paver made in CZPT . The travel, feed and material distribution system all adopt hydraulic drive, featuring good bearing capacity, high drive efficiency, and convenient control.
The plunger pump and motor all adopt products of CZPT ica Sauer brand, and all the elements all adopt products of CZPT brands to ensure the reliability, such as control valve, steel pipe, joint, filter, etc.
Efficient feed/ material distribution system
The feed system and distribution system are independent and they can be controlled separately.
The single chain adopts unique double scraper blade, which effectively improves the conveying capability of the machine.
There is reverse blade in the middle of the material distribution bin, which can effectively improve the material supplying from the lower part of the bin and prevent dissociation.
Efficient control system
It adopts mechanical-electric-hydraulic integrated control technology, featuring high level of automation, control accuracy and reliability.
The left/right feed/material distribution device adopts ultrasonic level gauge which can achieve automatic even feeding of materials.
The standard configuration includes electronic automatic leveling device which ensures higher evenness of the paving surface.
Strong CZPT system
ZheJiang CZPT gchai 4JR3G1 diesel engine, 55KW, large CZPT reserve.
The combined radiator effectively reduces the working temperature of the engine and hydraulic system and ensures CZPT -time reliable work.
Advanced screed technology
Hydraulic stepless extension/withdrawal, applicable to the work condition of widened road.
The unique frame design, and good overall rigidness of the screed.
The stepless adjustable vibration frequency can meet the requirements for CZPT work conditions.
The quick gas heating design, nozzle with safety switch, and the heating is quick and safe.
Performance advantages
Compact structure, flexible control.
The minimum width of the machine body is 2m, which can be used freely at narrow roads.
The hopper is folded from single side, and the pushing wheel can be folded with the hopper synchronically, which improves the pass ability of the machine.
The control panel features centralized control, simple and convenient operation; combined instrument, and the work condition is very clear.
Excellent performance, wide application
Quick site transfer and paving speed, applicable to the construction of municipal highway and country road as well as the maintenance operation of expressway and CZPT kinds of highways.
With small minimum paving width, it is applicable to the construction work of streets for residential areas and scenic spots.
Equipped with hydraulic telescopic screed, it is applicable to the paving of widened roads.
It adopts rear 4WD, which has large ground adhesive force, applicable to the paving of CZPT kinds of road surface.
The wide hopper is applicable to CZPT kinds of dump vehicle, the storage capacity of the hopper is up to 12t, which ensures successive paving operation.


Full shop Automatic Hollow Cement Concrete Paver Block Brick Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Kaidong Qt10-15 CZPT matic Concrete Block Making CZPT Germany CZPT nology Brick Making CZPT

  ZheJiang KAIXIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. CZPT CZPT CO.,LTD(ZheJiang KAIQIAN IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD) are professional building materials machinery and equipment research, manufacture and export company. Company business started in 1998, year turnover is more than 50 million USD. The company’s main products are concrete block making machine, AAC block machine, concrete pole pipe making machine, concrete roof tile machine and mixer.

  The company passed ISO9001 management system and the CZPT pean CZPT CE certification, the products absorb the German mechanical design and manufacturing experience, focus on quality design, high-quality material, exquisite welding and strict inspection process to ensure high-quality equipment and maximize service life. Company products are exported to CZPT Asia, Africa, South CZPT ica, CZPT ern CZPT pe, the Middle CZPT , Australia and more than 90 countries and regions.

  Company of “integrity first, win-win cooperation”, the positive development of quality products, improve the quality of service. We are not only the machinery products supplier, most important is that we are best program and service supplier according to clients real conditions. Welcome all CZPT ers to cooperate with us.

Product Discription

  QT10-15 full-automatic concrete block making machine adopts vibration and hydraulic pressure combination. It has high pressure and block making speed. The automatic material feeding system adopts 360 degree rotating feeding method. The feeding course is done at one time with high finished block density and speed. Pallet is feeding automatically and the block is delivering by the CZPT chain.

  This machine is suitable for CZPT ers who mainly produce standard bricks and blocks. Can produce high number of blocks at single time with CZPT speed and good hydraulic pressure. This machine uses computer PLC central control system, which can realize automatic mixing, material feeding and molding.

Technical Data

QT10-15 CZPT matic Concrete Block Making CZPT CZPT nical Parameters
Dimension of Host CZPT 3500* 2300* 2930mm Weight of Host CZPT 9.8 Tons
Molding Area 1096*880mm Water Consumption 10-15 Tons/Day
Workshop Area 300m2 Host CZPT CZPT 37KW
Vibration Force 100KN Mixer Model JS750
Pallet Size 1100* 900* 28mm Voltage 220/380/415/440V(Customized)
Molding Period 15-20 Seconds Vibration Method Hydraulic+Platform Vibration
Vibration Frequency 2800- 4500 Times/Minute    

Product Samples


NO. Size(Length*Width*Height) Pieces/Mould Pieces/Hour Pieces/Shift(8 Hours)
1 400*200*200mm 10 1500-1800 12000-14400
2 400*150*200mm 12 1800-2160 14400-17280
3 400*100*200mm 18 2700-3240 21600-25920
4 200*163*60mm 20 3600-4800 28800-38400
5 200*100*60mm 32 5760-7680 46080-61440
6 230*110*70mm 40 7200-9600 57600-76800

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Hyundai near me shop 6ton Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator 60vs Digger Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Hot selling Hyundai 6ton Mini CZPT ulic Crawler Excavator 60vs digger machine

More environmentally friendly, more dynamic, CZPT er, lower fuel consumption

– new Tier3 engine with CZPT d diesel high pressure common rail electronic control injection technology

– fully and thoroughly combustion of diesel fuel, greatly improving performance

– multi-fuel filtering system ensures CZPT service life of the engine while reducing harmful gas emissions and being more environmentally friendly

– optimize the oil circuit design of the main control valve, and improve the operating speed and compound operating capacity

– the loading operation is more efficient and the amount of work per hour is larger

– lower operating costs and higher returns

IPC main pump intelligent control system

VPC variable CZPT control system

– IPC system reduces fuel consumption by intelligently controlling the main pump flow through the operating handle

– CZPT system can realize variable control of pilot pressure to ensure operating speed in all working modes

Coordinate with fuel performance to ensure high efficiency and low consumption

Structural parts last CZPT er

– install heavy duty large and small arms with better durability, use cast steel products to improve strength and increase durability by 1.5 times

– the walking and rotating motors are designed by hyundai heavy industries to enhance their durability

– the thickness of the lower support ring increased, and the welding strength of the lower frame increased by 20%

Higher cooling performance

– adopt high capacity and high efficiency direct cooling fan

– cooling module sealing sponge is oil resistant,

Polyurethane sponge with higher heat resistance

Durability shaft, sleeve and resin gasket

– increase the lubricity of shaft and sleeve, improve the abrasion resistance and prolong the butter injection period

– suitable for resin core, increase side lubrication, prevent wear and abnormal noise

– operation device is loose to minimize

Electrical system performance is enhanced

– MCU is sealed with silica gel to prevent water injection and vibration resistance

– strengthen anti-corrosion treatment while increasing the capacity of the generator

– enhanced durability and reliability of pressure sensors

Durability tank

– adopt the board + support style, the fatigue life of the welding part increases

3.6 times (35% reduction in relative stress)

– increase the size of the fuel injection port (prote83 to prote104) to improve the convenience and prevent overflow during injection

Out products:
1) ALL kinds of agricultural machinery
(road roller: single drum vibratory roller, tandem drum vibratory roller, pneumatic roller, light compactor, static three-drum roller. motor grader. asphalt concrete paver. cold mining machine. soil stabilizer. asphalt mixing plant. stabilized soil mixing plant , etc)
2) All kinds of construction machinery.
(Wheel loader, CZPT , truck, folklift, cranes, paver, road roller etc.)
3)All kinds of trucks
(truck crane, all terrain crane, rough terrain crane, crawler crane, truck-mounted crane, tower crane etc.)

Need more information? Just contact me please!

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Leaf near me shop Chain Long Pitch Flat Top Table Car Parking Drag Sharp Al Bl EL for Mine Machinery Grain Durable Machine Paver Supplyer Forging Stainless Steel Leaf Chains with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Leaf Chain CZPT Pitch Flat CZPT Table Car Parking Drag Sharp al bl el for Mine CZPT ry CZPT CZPT CZPT Paver CZPT er Forging CZPT Steel Leaf Chains

Product Description

Leveraging on CZPT quality approach, we have been able to manufacture and supply a superior range of CZPT Steel Leaf Chain. This range of products is carefully made using the latest technology emerged in the industry. Our production team is expert enough to manufacture the chains in CZPT CZPT ized specifications. The chains offered by us work for a CZPT period of time without any lubrication.



  • Need low maintenance

    Long service life

    Resistance to corrosion