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Block Cost Machinery Colored Paver Bricks Making Machine in Zambia Qt4-24 with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Block CZPT ry Colored Paver Bricks Making CZPT in Zambia QT4-24 

Advantage of QT4-24 Interlocking Paver Brick Making CZPT

1).QT4-24 is a semi automatic block production line with lcarge capacity

2).New design and new technology,it can produce CZPT er and better quality

3).Multi function:produce different size hollow blocks,solid brick,interlocking brick,paving brick and curb stones by changing molds


1). Raw material: use hopper trolley delivery into mixer; need 2 workers

2). Mixer: Mixing and produce concrete, then conveyor delivery concrete to block machine hopper; need 1 worker

3). Hollow block machine: Forming blocks, then delivery to stacker by block receiver; no need workers

4). Maual forklift trolley: delivery new blocks to curing area; need 2 workers

5). Curing area: Curing need 10-15 days, then take blocks out from pallet; need 1-2 workers

6). Trolley: delivery pallet to hollow block machine area; need 1 worker

7). Sell blocks: Sell blocks and management; 1 worker

Total need about 7-8 workers in QT4-24 hollow block machine factory.

Technical Parameters of QT4-24 Block Making CZPT  

Dimension 1850*1150*2100mm
Power 13.45kw
Molding Cycle 24s
Vibration Force 48kn
Vibration Frequency 4200r/min
Capacity  4800pcs/8hour
Weight 1800kgs
Accessories mixer,conveyor and stacker

Capacity of CZPT ent Type Blocks 

Machine Multiangle Displa
Block Making CZPT in Zambia,Cambodia,Congo and Ghana

Block CZPT ry Colored Paver Bricks Making CZPT in Zambia QT4-24 



Road Cheap Construction Machinery 4.5m Wheel Type Asphalt Concrete Paver RP453L with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Road CZPT CZPT ry 4.5m Wheel Type Asphalt Concrete Paver RP453L  

RP453L paver is the first full hydraulic compact type tyre asphalt concrete paver. It adopts full hydraulic drive and automatic electro-hydraulic control, featuring CZPT d technology and reliable performance. The minimum width of the machine is 2 meters, which is the smallest among homemade products. It is flexible and has wide applications. The rear 4WD technology effectively improves the driving force of the machine. The ergonomic design makes it simple and convenient to operate and maintain. Thus the product has high performance/price ratio.

RP453L paver can be widely used in the construction of highways, streets, country roads, expressways and the road maintenance work. It can effectively improve the flatness and compactness of the road surface.

Reliable drive system
It is the first set of full hydraulic drive compact type tyre asphalt concrete paver made in CZPT . The travel, feed and material distribution system all adopt hydraulic drive, featuring good bearing capacity, high drive efficiency, and convenient control.
The plunger pump and motor all adopt products of CZPT ica Sauer brand, and all the elements all adopt products of CZPT brands to ensure the reliability, such as control valve, steel pipe, joint, filter, etc.

Efficient feed/ material distribution system
The feed system and distribution system are independent and they can be controlled separately.
The single chain adopts unique double scraper blade, which effectively improves the conveying capability of the machine.
There is reverse blade in the middle of the material distribution bin, which can effectively improve the material supplying from the lower part of the bin and prevent dissociation.

Efficient control system
It adopts mechanical-electric-hydraulic integrated control technology, featuring high level of automation, control accuracy and reliability.
The left/right feed/material distribution device adopts ultrasonic level gauge which can achieve automatic even feeding of materials.
The standard configuration includes electronic automatic leveling device which ensures higher evenness of the paving surface.

Strong CZPT system
ZheJiang CZPT gchai 4JR3G1 diesel engine, 55KW, large CZPT reserve.
The combined radiator effectively reduces the working temperature of the engine and hydraulic system and ensures CZPT -time reliable work.

Advanced screed technology
Hydraulic stepless extension/withdrawal, applicable to the work condition of widened road.
The unique frame design, and good overall rigidness of the screed.
The stepless adjustable vibration frequency can meet the requirements for CZPT work conditions.
The quick gas heating design, nozzle with safety switch, and the heating is quick and safe.

Performance advantages
Compact structure, flexible control.
The minimum width of the machine body is 2m, which can be used freely at narrow roads.
The hopper is folded from single side, and the pushing wheel can be folded with the hopper synchronically, which improves the pass ability of the machine.
The control panel features centralized control, simple and convenient operation; combined instrument, and the work condition is very clear.

Excellent performance, wide application
Quick site transfer and paving speed, applicable to the construction of municipal highway and country road as well as the maintenance operation of expressway and CZPT kinds of highways.
With small minimum paving width, it is applicable to the construction work of streets for residential areas and scenic spots.
Equipped with hydraulic telescopic screed, it is applicable to the paving of widened roads.
It adopts rear 4WD, which has large ground adhesive force, applicable to the paving of CZPT kinds of road surface.
The wide hopper is applicable to CZPT kinds of dump vehicle, the storage capacity of the hopper is up to 12t, which ensures successive paving operation.

Items Unit Parameters
Basic paving width m 2
Max. paving width m 4.5
Max. paving thickness mm 150
Paving speed m/min 0~13
Travel speed km/h 0~13
Theoretical Productivity t/h 240
Hopper Capacity t 12
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3
Transverse levelling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % 0~+3
Engine model   4JR3G1
Engine CZPT kw 55
Engine speed r/min 2200
Fuel tank capacity L 130
Machine weight t 10.5
Dimension mm 5690X2070X3590
Auger speed r/min 0~73
Conveyor speed m/min 0~30
Vibration frequency Hz 3~42
Screed heating   Gas heating
Auger and conveyor control   Automatic Control by CZPT sonic Sensors
Automatic levelling control   Simulation Control Simulation control


Items Unit Parameters
Screed model / EV35Q
Type / Gas heating, vibration
Extension / Hydraulic
Width m 2.0-4.5
Vibrator speed Hz 0-42



RP756 factory Asphalt Concrete Paver Construction Machinery for Sale with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Our company will offer you the high quality products with a low price, quick delivery,and professional after-sale service.
RP756  Asphalt Concrete Paver construction machinery for sale
[Product Description]

Reliable drive system
Efficient feed/ material distribution system
Efficient control system
Strong CZPT system
Advanced screed technology
RP756 is a kind of new generation multifunctional paver. It is completely upgraded with new technology, featuring excellent performance, simple operation, and superior performance/price ratio. With the max. paving width of 7.5m, it is the optimal equipment for paving CZPT kinds of materials for the construction of highways. The conveying system and material distribution system have extra large capacity and they are independently driven (from left/right), which can meet different construction requirements. In addition, it is more   to operate and it can achieve optimal paving effect under the most tough work environment.
Technical features
Power drive technology: efficient and CZPT ful 
It is equipped with D6114 diesel engine which is water cooling and turbocharged, applicable to operations at plateau areas. 
The cooling system adopts extra-large radiator, which ensures good heat dissipation even at high temperature environment.
Material feeding/distribution technology: reliable and durable
High capability of material distribution, large spiral pitch 360mmΦ420 large diameter distribution blade, 28BH reinforced drive chain, and the drive ability is 25% larger than similar products.
The material distribution box and chain all adopt high strength design, high transmitted CZPT , and the max. transmitted capability of the distribution shaft is 5000Nm. It can achieve all buried material distribution, which can greatly reduce the segregation.
It adopts 2 reverse blades at the middle of the distribution bin, which can effectively eliminates the segregation belt in the middle.
Control technology: stable and accurate
The drive system adopts left/right independent drive, microcomputer control technology and constant speed automatic control technology, featuring good straight travel capability, which ensures stable speed and that the paving speed will not be affected by the load.
The material level control adopts supersonic CZPT ng technology, in addition to electro-hydraulic controlled conveying speed, which ensures automatic control of the height of mixed materials in CZPT of the screed.
The material distribution system adopt 2 sets of independent closed hydraulic circuit, featuring independent control and 2-stage proportional speed regulation.
The automatic electronic leveling ensures high flatness; multiple CZPT ng mode are CZPT , high automation level, orifice plate and constant pressure technology all these ensures the stability of leveling cylinder speed.
Screed technology: mature and reliable
The most mature and reliable double vibrator gas heating screed.
Stepless adjustable double vibrator frequency, applicable to CZPT paving conditions.
The screed lifting cylinder has floatation and lock up function, applicable to CZPT paving materials and work conditions.
It can be equipped with eccentric vibration device.
Performance advantages
Excellent configuration
The CZPT ful heat dissipation system, supersonic material level control, automatic leveler, imported microcomputer control, travel reducer, hydraulic pump and key components, centralized lubrication system, wear resistant steel plate and bearing, etc.
The bottom plate and protection device all adopt Germany imported extra wear resistant steel plate which is improved by 3 times in the wear resistance and greatly improves the life of bottom plate.
The centralized forced heat dissipation has good effect; the specially designed extra-large combined radiator can work normally when the ambient temperature is 50ºC.
Convenient maintenance
The originally imported centralized automatic lubrication system greatly reduces the maintenance work and prolongs the life of bearings at the high temperature part, which improves work efficiency and saves maintenance time.
The crawler undercarriage made up of maintenance-free supporting wheel and rubber track plate does not damage the road and it is durable.
The triune travel drive device and side cover is convenient for maintenance.
Convenient operation
The centralized control has user friendly interface, and it is simple and reliable to operate. All the control elements are installed on the mobile instrument case. The seat can be extended outside of the cab, and there are two seats, which is comfortable and convenient to operate.
The left/right material distribution device can move up and down quickly at the same time, which adapts to different paving thickness and the site transfer is quick and convenient.

 [Product Parameter]

Item Unit RP756
Basic paving width m 3.0
Max paving width m 7.5
Max paving thickness mm 350
Paving speed m/min 0~18
Travel  speed Km/h 0~3.0
Theoretical productivity capacity t/h 600
Hopper capacity t 14
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evennesss mm/3m 3
Transverse leveling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % -1~4
Engine model   SC8D190G2B1
Engine CZPT Kw 140
Engine speed r/min 2300
Diesel tank capacity L 270
Machine weight t 19.9~24.6
Overall dimensions mm 6820*3000*3850

[Company Information]
Company profile
XCMG is a construction machinery manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. Over the years, we have grown to become the world’s most comprehensive construction machinery manufacturer and influential multinational company. In 2015, we rank No.1 in CZPT and No. 5 in global heavy equipment industry.XCMG’s construction machinery covers an astonishing range of equipment, including cranes, earth-moving  machinery, road machinery, CZPT s, concrete machinery, mining machinery, piling machinery, lumber machinery, fire-fighting machinery, heavy trucks, sanitation machinery, agricultural machinery, and more. We have the world’s most comprehensive product line, and offer CZPT ers complete solutions for construction equipment.  Our other businesses include finance, leasing, and remanufacturing.

At present, the CZPT of my company’s straight-arm crane is entirely from the hydraulic oil pressure, that is, through the high-pressure hydraulic oil to promote the cylinder piston reciprocating motion, or drive the hydraulic motor rotation makes the hydraulic winch and rotary mechanism rotation.
So, how do high-pressure hydraulic oil get? Each truck crane is equipped with a hydraulic pump when the vehicle chassis is matched, and the engine provides CZPT for it. The chemical energy of the fuel can be converted into the crankshaft of the engine to rotate the mechanical energy, and then the gearbox gear is rotated, and then the CZPT is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the CZPT transmission of the gearbox. Therefore, the hydraulic pump can continuously pressurize the hydraulic oil For the high-pressure hydraulic oil, so as to provide CZPT for the crane to achieve the lifting of the goods.
Competitive Advantage
My company’s straight arm crane crane covers 1-25 tons 14 models 65 kinds of products, to meet a variety of conditions, with the CZPT est arm of the largest tonnage crane mature manufacturing technology, scientific research and development process, CZPT d Research and development technology, and constantly have new products to market, to meet CZPT er use.
My company’s boom arm section with mature pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal, the latest generation of products with U-shaped arc arm body weight reduction, arm width of a large deflection, stability and resistance to deformation Ability to improve, significantly enhance the lifting capacity.
The application of the sub-arm, sub-winch and vice-hook provides a basis for the rapid and large-scale operation of the crane light load and the high-altitude operation. The application of automatic hook technology saves time and effort when starting and ending crane operations, making it easy to operate easily.
Our company will offer you the high quality products with a low price, quick delivery,and professional after-sale service.
1: What kind terms of payment can be accepted?
A: For terms of payment, L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, CZPT ern CZPT (can be) could accepted
2: What certificates are CZPT in CZPT ry?
A: For the certificate, we have CE, ISO, Gost, EPA(USA)CCC,
3: What about the delivery time?
A: 30 days after receiving the deposit.
4: What about the warranty time?
A: 12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours, whichever occuts first.
5. What about the Minimum Order CZPT tity?
A: The MOQ is 1 pcs    

Contact us

Mr Fang   +86~13 0571 88828 138581177787 9621 1467 
Mr Ding   +86~13 0571 88828 138581177788 5200 7271
Mr zou    +86~13 0571 88828 138581177782 6202 3988 

Qt4-20 Custom Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine, Concrete Hollow Paver Block Making Machine in Construction Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

 Qt4-20 CZPT matic Cement Brick Making CZPT , Concrete Hollow Paver Block Making CZPT in CZPT CZPT ry

QT4-20 full automatic cement concrete hollow block making molding machine by adopting the combination of vibration between platform and the upper die, the produced block has the advantages of high compactness, high strength, beautiful appearance. Regular vibration, automatic lifting, simple operation and high production efficiency, it’s a better choice for users.


Main advantages:

1.QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine is four columns oriented, with vibrating electrical machine. During working time ,the lower vibrostand and upside pressure head vertically vibrate synchronously, make the raw materials dense.

2. Timing vibration, automatically lift mold,with hopper and conveyor can save manpower.
3. CZPT ‘s body is made from profiles, strong earthquake resistance, and suspension use the “spring vibration isolation” and directional vertical vibration technology to reduce CZPT consumption as well as loss of mould.
4. The pressure head is CZPT itudinal traverse for convenient to feeding, maintaining and washing.
5. The plate vibrate with mold box synchronously, without impact force and with a CZPT life.
6. Multi -usage, with a variety of mold can produce the block with CZPT specifications. Easy and convenient.


Main technical specifications:

QT4-20 automatic hydraulic cement brick making machine for sale
Main CZPT Dimension Weight Voltage Corollary Equipment
2700*1900*2100 mm 3t customizable conveyor and mixer


Daily Capacity
Block size(mm) Molding cycle Number of CZPT y Mold Capacity/8 hours
400*200*200 20s 4 pcs/mould 5700 pcs
400*150*200 20s 5 pcs/mould 7200 pcs
400*100*200 20s 7 pcs/mould 10000 pcs
240*115*90 20s 15 pcs/mould 21600 pcs
240*115*53 20s 24 pcs/mould 34500 pcs

Why Choose us? 

1.Rich experience: 
Factory with 20 years experience. CZPT s have been well proved for good use.

We are reputable and large manufacturers of brick machine with numerous certifications guarantee the quality of CZPT machine. No smuggled goods.

3.Competitive price:
Factory supply directly,not trading company,much competitive price,lower more than30% than other company.

4.Perfect after service:
Engineer overseas door-to door service.24 hours online.All the machine one year warranty,technical support by free.

5. CZPT d machine quality:
1) Host machine total 5.5T,every part all use thicken plate, make the machine strong and wear-resisting.
2) Fully automatic ,very easy operated by workers, greatly reduce the labor-cost.
3) Japan CZPT PLC control system, ensure the machine runs extremely smoothly, CZPT serving life. Faults-displaying and the troubles-shooting on the cabinet.
4) Hydraulic system, three-stage pressure control valve are adopted. so the pressure for all actions of the machine can be adjusted automatic.
5) Direct chain transmission, to sure very low noise, and easy to check the fault.
6) Mould vibration and head pressure together, make the brick high strength and density.
7) All the mold are carburizing by heat treatment, can using more than 120,000 times.


XCMG best Asphalt Concrete Paver RP756 Construction Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

XCMG Asphalt Concrete Paver RP756 construction machinery.

RP756 is a kind of new generation multifunctional paver. It is completely upgraded with new technology, featuring excellent performance, simple operation, and superior performance/price ratio. With the max. paving width of 7.5m, it is the optimal equipment for paving CZPT kinds of materials for the construction of highways. The conveying system and material distribution system have extra large capacity and they are independently driven (from left/right), which can meet different construction requirements. In addition, it is more to operate and it can achieve optimal paving effect under

• Excellent configuration
It adopts ZheJiang D4114 diesel engine, featuring low temperature start, energy-saving and environmental care.

• CZPT ful drive force
The travel system adopts high pressure piston pump and double variable displacement motor, featuring good low speed stability, large drive torque, applicable to the requirements of CZPT work conditions.
The transmission and drive axle of the travel drive system are integrated as one unit; The 2 speed gear special transmission and differential structure features strong drive force and reliable operation.

• Efficient material feed/distribution
It adopts chain suspension and anti-block screed technology, which improves the reliability, service life and efficiency of material feed/distribution.
The spiral blade for material distribution adopts high chromel alloy material, large diameter and thickened design, which improves the distribution capability, heavy load impact resistance ability and wear resistance, in addition to large diameter blade and low speed paving, and reduces segregation.

• Convenient for repair
There are numbers on all the electric cables, which is convenient to check.
The reasonably allocated pressure measuring points contributes to quick and convenient inspection.
The elements that need to be maintained are installed where they are easy to access.

Product Parameters

Item Unit RP756
Basic paving width m 3.0
Max paving width m 7.5
Max paving thickness mm 350
Paving speed m/min 0~18
Travel speed Km/h 0~3.0
Theoretical productivity capacity t/h 600
Hopper capacity t 14
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evennesss mm/3m 3
Transverse leveling accuracy % ±0.03
Centre crown ratio % -1~4
Engine model   SC8D190G2B1
Engine CZPT Kw 140
Engine speed r/min 2300
Diesel tank capacity L 270
Machine weight t 19.9~24.6
Overall dimensions mm 6820*3000*3850

Product Show


Company Profile


1: What kind terms of payment can be accepted?
A: For terms of payment, L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, CZPT ern CZPT (can be) could accepted

2: What certificates are CZPT in CZPT ry?
A: For the certificate, we have CE, ISO, Gost, EPA(USA)CCC,

3: What about the delivery time?
A: 30 days after receiving the deposit.

4: What about the warranty time?
A: 12 months after shipment or 2000 working hours, whichever occuts first.

5. What about the Minimum Order CZPT tity?
A: The MOQ is 1 pcs.

Qt6-15 near me Automatic Chb Moulding Hollow Block Machinery Color Paver Brick Making Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

                                          QT6-15 Block making machine Description
1.QT6-15 brick Machine work principle
Chain automatically feed plate, manual participation, vibration box on both sides of the hydraulic motor driven by high frequency, low-frequency cloth, pressurized, another double oil top pressure, and the production of good quality, high density block.

2.QT6-15 brick Machine Configuration
(1) JS500 Description: to mix the raw material of sand, loosen stones, cement, etc
Item: JS500 Mixer                           
Power: 18.5kw
Feeding capacity: 800L
Discharge capacity:500L
Overall dimension (mm):3030*2300*2680mm


(2)Host brick machine:
making concrete block via mould pressing.
China CZPT brand hydraulic station and mature machine making technolgy makes CZPT machine very stable working;

the linear cutting moulds with heat treatment, give the mould CZPT er life than others; we are doing the job seriousely.

precision and careful workcraft makes the beatiful brick machine outlooking.

(3) Manual Block Trolley
Function:The trolley is used to transport the block on pallet to storage area.Two trolleys are equipped for each machine

3.QT6-15 brick Machine specifications

main technical parameters
(1) Dimension of host machine 4000*1800*2800mm (6) Host machine CZPT 30kw
(2) Moulding period 15-20s (7) Vibration force 40-50KN
(3) bamboo pallet size 1571*550*25mm (8) Mixer model JS500
(4) Weight of the host machine 5.5T (9) Voltage 380V/415V
(5) workshop area 250-300 m2 (10) labour 7-8

4.QT6-15 brick Mahcine prodcuctivity

production capacity
  Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould  Pcs/ Hr Pcs/ 8 Hr pcs/month
(1) 400*250*200 3 450-540 3600-4320 108000-129600
(2)  400*200*200 4 600-720 4800-5760 144000-172800
(3) 400*150*200 6 900-1080 7200-8640 216000-259200
(4) 400*100*200 8 1200-1440 9600-11520 288600-345600
(5) 230*110*70 24 4320 34560 1036800
(6) 200*100*60 16 2880 23040 691200
(7) 200*163*60 8 1440 11520 345600


5.QT6-15 brick CZPT area Needed:
Theoretical workshop requirements: 50 square meters, need 6-8 workers, one operates the mixer and feeds material, one operates the host machine, and two workers transport the blocks. The office, curing area, stacking area are arranged according to your specific conditions.

6.After-sale Service
We have CZPT own technician team to do the machine installation for automatic brick machine line, and for some semi-automatic or manual block machine, normally user can operate the machine well, if technician is required, we can also meet the demand.
 And we provide 7*24 hours online service during after and before sales service.
7. Our Advantages
(1)Using the ultra strong steel and special welding techniques, it is strong and of high resistanceto vibration; 
(2)Using imported electrical appliances, sealing parts and parts of hydraulic components, like Simens CZPT , Simens PLC, Mitusbish PLC, or CZPT CZPT brand motors, Switches, etc. the equipment’s comprehensive performance is stable and reliable; 
(3) CZPT company focus on the technology of gearbox, which is key point of the brick machine, which can improve the productivity speed and block quantity.
8. FAQ
(1)Packing method ?
  Nude packing, or in plastic clothes, or in plywood box, accordingly.
(2)What’s motor and electric brand we choose for CZPT machine?
  Siemens brand, or Chinese CZPT brand.
(3) What kind of steel my machine and molds use ?
   Q235B for machine, Mn steel for molds. More durable.
(4) Will you send engineer to install for user?
   Yes, we have technician service team. They will supply service as per needs.
(5) Are there any spare parts together with the machine ?
  Yes, we will send spare parts together with machine, the user could use more than two years.
(6)Do you supply free technical service during later production ?
   Yes, we have online technical service in 24hours.
(7) What is the Warranty for the machine?
 For the machine,we have 1 years warranty(except the wearing part ).If any quality
problems on CZPT side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement. 

9.Company profile
HangZhou Raytone CZPT CZPT CZPT Co.,Ltd 
(Export Division: HangZhou Raytone CZPT ry Imp&Exp Co., located at Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.ang CZPT area, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. County, HangZhou city, with 100 more staff, with a standard workshop of 22,000sqm, and owns comprehensive manufacture facilities and more than 200 sets of CZPT finishing machines. We mainly manufacture all types of concrete block making machine, concrete batching plant and corollary equipment for the block machine line; The products have been sold widely to more than 60 countries. At present, we can manufacture 3,000 sets of construction machinery per year. 
  Our company has set up a complete set of effective management system to strengthen the inner management, focusing on quality and after-sales services;
Sincere to the buyer, providing brilliant quality products, excellent service, competitive price and prompt delivery is CZPT business principle;
Welcome CZPT friends to visit CZPT company for further cooperation.

 Quality CZPT and satisfactory service is CZPT promise.

Puyi supplier Machinery Dumper Rubber Track 300*84n*42 with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Puyi CZPT ry Dumper CZPT Track 300*84N*42

Product Information:


Links and Length are can be CZPT ized

We are always provide you with CZPT d technique, excellent quality, good service and

Competitive price.

Package Photo:


1. Continuous CZPT Track

2. CZPT less Structure CZPT Track

3. Install and Fit CZPT Harvester

4. CZPT Quality

5. Competitive Price

6. CZPT orders welcome

7. Warranty: Guarantee 500 CZPT Hours

About Us:

Our plant mainly produce CZPT Track which are specially good use for these kind of CZPT :

Snowbower/Snowmobile, Robot, Wheelchair, (mini)Excavators, Track loaders, Pitch Paver, Agricultural

Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links Width*Pitch length(mm) Number of Links
130*72 28-53 300*52.5K 72-84 400*72.5KW 68-92
150*60 28-49 300*52.5KW 72-92 400*74 68-76
150*72 29-40 KB300*52.5 72-92 400*75.5K 74
170*60 30-40 KB300*52.5N 72-98 B400*86 52-55
180*60 30-40 JD300*52.5N 72-98 400*90 42-56
180*72 30-58 300*53K 80-84 Y400*142 36-37
180*72K 30-37 300*55 70-86 400*144 36-41
B180*72K 34-51 300*55.5K 76-82 Y400*144K 36-41
B180*72A 30-51 300*71K 72-55 420*100 50-58
H180*72 30-50 300*109N 25-42 450*71 76-88
190*60 30-40 K300*109 37-41 DW450*71 76-88
190*72 34-39 300*109WK 35-42 450*73.5 76-84
200*72 34-47 B300*84 78-52 450*76 80-84
200-*72K 37-47 T300*86K 48-52 450*81N 72-80
230*48 60-84 320*52.5 72-98 450*81W 72-78
230*48K 60-84 B320*52.5 68-98 KB450*81.5 72-80
230*72 42-56 320*54 70-84 K450*83.5 72-74
230*72K 42-56 B320*86 49-52 B450*84 53-56
230*96 30-48 320*90 52-56 B450*86 52-55
230*101 30-36 320*100 38-54 450*90 58-76
250*47K 84 320*100W 37-65 KU450*90 58-76
250*48.5K 80-88 Y320*106K 39-43 T450*100K 48-65
250*52.5K 72-78 350*52.5 70-92 K450*163 38
250*72 47-57 350*54.5K 80-86 485*92W 74
B250*72 34-60 B350*55K 77-98 500*90 76-82
B250*72B 42-58 350*56 80-86 500-92 72-84
E250*72 37-58 350*75.5K 74 500*92W 78-84
250*96 35-38 350*90 42-56 500*100 71
250*109 35-38 350*100 46-60 K500*146 35
260*55.5K 74-80 350*108 40-46 600*100 76-80
Y260*96 38-41 350*109 41-44 600*125 56-64
260*109 35-39 Y370*107K 39-41 700*100 80-98
280*72 45-64 400*72.5N 70-80 750*150 66
Y280*106K 35-42 400*72.5W 68-92 800*125 80
300*52.5N 72-98 Y400*72.5K 72-74    
300*52.5W 72-92 KB400*72.5K 68-76  

Excavator near me shop Track Rubber Track for Construction Machinery or Farm Machinery with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description


We have been professional rubber track supplier for over 20 years. With CZPT new morden production facilities, we could offer you not only state-of-art tracks, but also full package of CZPT support to your machines. CZPT ized tracks are well welcome. 

The rubber tracks we supply are mainly continuous type for all full fleet of CZPT s. Currently, we are diversifying CZPT friction tracks to meet CZPT er’s demand. 

The tracks are exported to western CZPT pe and North CZPT ican with well acknowledgement of good quality and excellent after-sell services. 

in addtion to rubber tracks, rubber pads are all CZPT . Since pads are quite CZPT ized, please kindly send your steel track’s paratmeters for inquiry. 

Complete range of rubber tracks and rubber pad for steel tracks of CZPT s, skid steer loaders and pavers. Please feel free to contact us for price list.

We also manufacture CZPT rubber track as per CZPT er’s design.


  Type of
Track width×pitch
D A Z H E F B C W Type
Type of
1 180×60×^ 24 62 14 14 31 31 44   180 R A
2 180×72×^ 24 64 14 15 29 29 44   180 R A
3 190×72×^ 21 68 14 17 26.5 26.5 44   190 M A
4 200×72×^ 24 65 13 18 28 25 44   200 B A
5 230×72×^ 24 85 16 19 24 24 48   230 L A
6 350×90×^ 26 72 16 33 29 23 84   350 P B
7 250×72×^ 24 79 17 18 30 28 52   250 L A
8 320×84×^ 44 102 20 30 48 36 72   320 K A
9 320×90×^ 32 86 24.5 30 51 35 56   320 K B
10 320×100×^ 36 82 24 24 33 28 60   320 G A
11 400×90×^ 44 80 18 33 33 29 60   400 P B
12 420×100×^ 46 98 31 30 51 35 74   420 K A
13 450×84×^ 46 96 20 30 50 35 72   450 U A
14 450×90×^ 37 85 22.5 30 47 30 58   450 K B
15 500×90×^ 46 90 31.5 30 50 33 70   500 O B
16 600×100×^ 44 112 35.5 40 60 49 74   600 O B
17 700×100×^ 42 118 34.5 40 76 58 74   700 O B
18 230×96×^ 26 70 19.5 24 23 26 64 30 230 G C
19 230×101×^ 26 78 25 24 23 29 66 32 230 C C
20 230×48×^ 24 72 18 24 25 26 66 32 230 J C
21 300×109×^ 42 92 31 24 26 28 84 44 300 H C, E
22 250×52.5×^ 29 75 23 20 23.5 26 64 35 250 T C, E
23 260×109×^ 32 84 28.5 24 24 28 76 36 260 H C, E
24 350×109×^ 37 90 28 24 26 17 84 46 350 H C, E
25 300×52.5A×^ 30 84 21 17 26 20 72 36 300 E C, E
26 300×52.5B×^ 42 94 23 23 23 23 83 46 300 E C, E
27 300×52.5C×^ 30 88 21 24 26.5 27.5 70 36 300 T C, E
28 300×52.5D×^ 42 94 23 24 27 29 84 46 300 T C, E
29 350×52.5×^ 40 90 22 22 25 23 80 48 350 N C, E
30 300×55×^ 30 82 27 24 27 29 73 37 300 F C, E
31 350×56×^ 38 88 26 24 24 16 82 48 350 N C, E
32 350×56A×^ 44 88 34 22 24 24 82 48 350 N C, E
33 400×144×^ 45 98 33 24 26 21 82 54 400 C C, E
34 400×72.5A×^ 38 95 31 24 26 24 88 45 400 J E
35 400×72.5B×^ 48 108 31 24 26 21 99 57 400 J E
36 450×71×^ 42 112 28 24 28 20 108 48 450 E C
37 450×73.5×^ 42 118 38 30 32 34 102 50 450 U C
38 450×76×^ 48 124 38 28 32 32 110 60 450 F C
39 450×81×^ 60 141 33 24 30 33.5 126 66 450 F C
40 450×81A×^ 40 116 38 24 24.5 22.5 106 54 450 F C
41 450×83.5×^ 44 114 37.5 30 23 25 104 54 450 T C
42 500×92×^ 50 130 40 28 28 28 117 64 500 S C
43 K300×109×^ 26 86 31 25 25 30 74 34 300 I D
44 K400×142×^ 28 90 28 24 28 33 80 34 400 I D
45 Y400×144×^ 35 129 32 25 30 29 90 44 400 I D
46 K450×163×^ 40 116 38 30 29 33 100 50 450 I D
47 Y260×96×^ 25 70 22 23 21 21 60 29 260 I D
48 Y280×106×^ 29 80 22 24 28 28 70 36 280 I D
49 Y320×106×^ 30 80 22 24 29 29 72 34 320 I D
50 Y370×107×^ 37 91 22 24 29 29 82 42 370 I D
51 Y400×107×^ 39 90 28 24 30 29 82 44 400 I D
52 300×55.5×^ 28 78 30 24 22 27 74 35 300 Q D
53 350×75.5×^ 38 98 40 22
24 27 88 42 350 Q D
54 400×75.5×^ 38 100 40 24
24 27 90 42 400 Q D
55 320×86×^ 36 80 15 28 43 29 60   320 K D

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Rubber manufacturer Track 457*152.4*53 for Paver Machinery Cat Ap-1055b with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Rubber track 457*152.4*53  for Paver CZPT ry  CAT AP-1055B

Specifications of rubber track:
Paver track 460*225*36 

1). Continuous rubber track

2). Conventional type or interchangeable type rubber track

3). Warranty: Guarantee one year under normal use

4). Conventional and interchangeable type

5). CZPT orders of complete track systems are welcome

6). Comprehensive range of standard rubber crawler track systems are CZPT

7). Undercarriages and bases are CZPT for a wide range of machinery

8). Application: Mini-excavator, bulldozer, dumper, crawler loader, crawler crane, crawler CZPT vehicle,

Agriculture machinery, paver and other special machine

9). Warranty: 12 months

10). Certification: ISO9001: 2000

Application: Mini-Excavator, CZPT dozer, Dumper, Crawler Loader, Crawler CZPT , Crawler CZPT Vehicle,

Agriculture CZPT ry, Paver and other special machine

Product Application(Brand):

1. Mini CZPT rubber tracks:

Specializing in the production of CZPT models of mini CZPT s with rubber tracks, can

Be equipped with imported models; CZPT , CZPT , Carter, CZPT , CZPT , modern, Volvo,

Kubota, IHI, CZPT , Takeuchi, Bobcats and so on.

2. Crawler CZPT s, crawler loaders, crawler agricultural machines, pavers tracks, snow tracked

Vehicles and other special series crawler and rubber track blocks.

Products for CZPT s, bulldozers, rotary drilling rig, paver, crawler cranes, pipelayers CZPT ght Model:

Carter CZPT ; Volvo CZPT ; CZPT CZPT ; CZPT bulldozer


Kato CZPT s,; CZPT ; Ishikawajima; Fukuda reves

Takeuchi; Bobcats; CZPT ; CZPT ; CZPT ward; Carter; CZPT harvesters and other CZPT s,

Loaders, pavers, agricultural machines.

3. CZPT rubber track using brand as below:



Hyundai, Fukuda Revo, CZPT ward, CZPT , etc.
Drawing of paver track :

Paramater :

Size (width*pitch*link) Weight
356*152.4*46  221.3Kg
460*225*36 281Kg
483*152.4*52  315.7K

Modelhouse : 


Road best Construction Machinery Crawler Track Chain Link with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A: CZPT is professional factory to produce spare parts for asphalt paver, milling machine, road roller.

Q:Do you have export license?
A: Yes, we had exported CZPT spare parts to more than 80 countries.

Q:How’s your quality?
A: Our quality is same good as Original, many CZPT ers had bought and gave us good feedback, we guarantee one year or 3000 working hours.

Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A:Our factory is located in No.4,ZhengHe Zhong Road, TaiCang City, CZPT ,215412. When you plan to visit CZPT factory, please contact with us in CZPT , we will tell you the detail route, pick up you from airport, and book hotel for you in CZPT . 

Product Description:

Road CZPT CZPT ry Crawler Track Chain CZPT

Application machine type:  
Description: Undercarriage parts
Installation position: Install on road cosntruction machine

Contact information:

Packing and CZPT :
1. Delivery terms:by sea/ by air  
2. Delivery times:7-15 Days
3. Payment terms:FOB/EXW/CIF

Our service:
1. Warranty   
2. After-sales service   
3. Quality certification 
4. CZPT ized service
5. Sample service

Company information:
In 2005, CZPT (HangZhou) CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd was founded. CZPT has developed into become one of the largest factories in the industry of producing replacement parts for road construction machinery, such as track pads ,conveyor chains , conveyor belts , modules , rubber buffers , cutting tools , tool holders , water pumps and CZPT other parts . Kaito is more than capable of providing its CZPT ers domestically and foreign with replacement parts for a variety of different brands.
At CZPT CZPT CZPT ry, we believe that developing and manufacturing quality , industry- leading products to be of CZPT top priority . Our company is committed to providing CZPT ers with the best all-around, rapid, and efficient services CZPT .
Our clients spread all over CZPT and exported to CZPT countries and regions such as South Korea , Russia , USA ,Spain , Malaysia , India and CZPT others.