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Product Description

XCMC Popular Road CZPT Ground Paver RP601J
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Product Description

RP601J/R701J asphalt concrete paver has stable and reliable performance and higher performance/price ratio, applicable to the paving of CZPT kinds of stabilized foundation materials and asphalt mixing materials such as stabilized soil and lime-flyash soil, which achieves multiple applications in the construction work for CZPT grades of highways, city roads, parking lots, and squares. The machine features large traction force, strong drive force, compact structure, and convenient operation; it adopts CZPT d hydraulic telescopic single vibrator, gas heated screed, and the automatic leveling devices (2 CZPT itudinal and 1 horizontal), which ensures higher flatness and compactness of the road surface. The imported high performance wear resistant material and imported hydraulic, electric, and drive parts are commonly used, the manufacturing quality and reliability of the machine has achieved CZPT d level among similar products, which ensures CZPT life. The unique environmental gas heating system and central lubricating system make more convenient maintenance. Besides, the machine can also be CZPT ized with different screed according to CZPT er needs.

Efficient and strong CZPT system
The mature and reliable CZPT YC6108G water cooling turbocharged engine has strong CZPT , 92 kW.
The originally imported double gear pump, valves, and joints ensure reliable CZPT distribution and efficient delivery.

Stable track system
The travel drive device adopts 28BH chain, featuring large bearing capacity and reliable performance.
The CZPT track with large ground contact area has strong traction force and higher adhesive force, which ensures stable travel speed at tough road conditions.

Convenient large hopper
The hopper capacity is 13t, which can be applicable to CZPT dump vehicles; enough storage volume ensures continuous paving; the swing type CZPT pushing wheel ensures easy alignment with the dump vehicle and maximally reduces the impact on the paver.

Efficient material feed/distribution system
The bottom plate of feeding system adopts imported extra wear resistant steel plate, which ensures CZPT life.
The material level control adopts CZPT ng control technology, and the material feeding/distribution speed can be stepless adjusted by work conditions.
The clutch is controlled by main switch, it can automatically lock the screed when the machine stops and it can prevent the wave of restart and the misoperation when the automatic leveler stops, which improves the levelness of the road surface.
Choose different chain wheels at the clutch for material feeding and distribution; the small chain wheel is used for paving stabilized materials, which can ensure higher speed; the large chain wheel is used for paving asphalt materials, which will ensure the material feeding/distribution speed and at the same time improve paving speed and effectively reduce the segregation of materials.

Advanced anti-segregation technology
The supporting part of the distribution shaft is installed with additional distribution blade, which ensures the continuous of CZPT cal line.
The large diameter large pitch blade features good material distribution capability, which can effectively reduce the distribution revs and reduce the segregation of materials.
It adopts 2 reverse blades at the middle of the distribution bin, which can effectively eliminates the segregation belt in the middle.

Product Parameters

Items Unit Parameters
Basic paving width m 2.5
Max. paving width m 6/7
Max. paving thickness mm 300
Paving speed m/min 2.0~5.98
Travel speed km/h 1.52~4.55
Theoretical Productivity t/h 400
Hopper Capacity t 13
Gradeability % 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m 3(Asphalt)/5(Stabilized soil)
Transverse levelling accuracy % 0.02
Engine model / YC6108G
Engine Parameters kW/rpm 92/2300
Fuel tank capacity L 160
Machine weight t 19.3
Dimension mm 6636×2580(3000)×3680

Items Unit Parameters
Screed model / 475Q TVC
Type / Single vibrator+Gas heating Single vibrator+Gas heating
Extension / Hydraulic Mechanical assembly
Width m 2.5~6/7 3~6/7
Vibrator speed r/min 0~1500 0~1500
Vibrator amplitude mm 4 4
Extra-long screed mm 625/1125 750,500,250

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