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High supplier Quality Small Runway Paver Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

TPJ-1.6 Small CZPT Paver CZPT

1. TPJ-1.6 is the paving machine for synthetic running track(For small venues and EPDM paving).

2. TPJ-1.6 paving machine is assembled with CZPT d CZPT converter, easy to operate and enhance the automaticity of paving.

3. TPJ-1.6 paving machine is assembled with waterproof heating plate, which can effectively prevent leakage generated by contact with water/rain.

4. The chain of TPJ-1.6 won the national new practical patent, will not slip and become CZPT er.

Paving Width 1600mm
Moving Speed 0.8-6m/min
Electric hot plate setting temperature 90C
Paving Capacity 350m³/h
Power 8KW
Hydraulic system setting value 8Mpa
Weight 700KG
Dimensions 1600x1660x600mm

Rubber Cost Track Undercarriage, Chassis for Small Machine (Size Adjustable) with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Item: CZPT track undercarriage
Main Parts:Rubber track;construction frame;tensioning screw,drive wheel/sprocket; support wheels,and idler,etc.
Description of the rubber track undercarriage:
1. Wide used on snow blower,paver,dumper,mini CZPT ,small harvester,anti-fire robot,raw mower,and other small or mid size machine design.
2. Easy for vehicles to run on hill land, mud road, sand ground…

3.Max load only 300kgs,if your idea of design is over 300kgs,please contact us for choosing other models.

4.Application: All terrain/season;

5.Warranty: 12 months

Their choice of operating environment and notice are as follows:
(1) rubber track,temperature is generally between -25 ~ + 55’C.
(2) chemical, oil, sea salt will accelerate the aging track, after use in such an environment, need to clean track.
(3) sharp edge (such as steel, stone, etc.) of the road will cause damage to the rubber track.
(4) the curb of the road, rutted or uneven pavement can cause side edge of the ground track pattern to be cracked, but the rubber track can be used continuously if the inside steel cord has no injuries.
(5)gravel, gravel road will result in abrasion earlier where the idlers connect with the rubber track, and formation of small cracks. Serious water ingress, causing iron core loss, wire breakage.

(6)30 degree slope and 15 degree side slope,for climbing

You can send us message with your size for the undercarriage as we can CZPT ized for you
1.Max loaded weight and what kind of machine to fit is necessary to determine the rubber track type

2.The entire size of the rubber track undercarriage,like the Width,Length,Height is also very important for us to make a recommendation for you.
3.The undercarriage in the ads,please have a reference,if you like,we can adjust the size for you.Special CZPT ized size is also acceptable.

More pictures for reference,rubber track undercarriage with CZPT part

Spec in the ads

Length Width Height Driving wheel Diameter(without teeth) Width for CZPT Tracks Weight Loading bearing
1150mm 986mm 493mm 243mm 150mm 226kg 300kg


One whole  set including 2*motor with reducer+1*controller+1*remote control
(not including battery)

Similar design for this set is CZPT

Simpler structure is also optional

Track chassis structure composition

1-tracks; 2-drive wheels; 3-belt wheels; 4-tensioning devices; 5-buffer springs; 6-guide wheels; 7-roller wheels; 8-traveling mechanism.


Tracks are driven by a driving wheel, and are a flexible link that surrounds the driving wheel, road wheel, induction wheel, and CZPT wheel. Tracks consist of track shoes and track pins. A track pin connects each track shoe to form a track link. There are holes at both ends of the track shoe, which mesh with the driving wheels, and induce teeth in the middle, which are used to regulate the track and prevent the track from falling off when the tank is turned or tilted. To improve the rigidity of the track shoe and the adhesion of the track to the ground.

The working conditions of the track are harsh, and they must have sufficient strength and rigidity, good wear resistance requirements, light weight to reduce metal consumption, and reduce the dynamic load when the track is running. The track and ground must have good adhesion performance to ensure Give sufficient traction, and consider reducing driving and steering resistance.

2.Drive wheel

On track operation machinery, most of the drive wheels are arranged at the rear. The advantage of this arrangement is that it can shorten the length of the track drive section, reduce the friction loss at the track pin caused by the driving force, and extend the service life of the track. It is not easy to cause the lower part of the track to arch, avoiding the danger of the track falling off during steering, and is beneficial to improving the efficiency of the traveling system. The height of the center of the driving wheel should be helpful to reduce the height of the center of gravity (or body) and increase the length of the ground contact of the track to improve the adhesion performance. Therefore, the height of the driving wheel should be as small as possible.

3. Supporting pulley

The function of the idler wheel is to drag the track to prevent the track from sagging too much, so as to reduce the jumping of the track in the movement and prevent the track from slipping sideways. The CZPT roller is similar to the roller, but the load it bears is small, and the working conditions are better than the roller, so the size is smaller.

4.Tensioning device

The main function of the tensioning device is to realize the tensioning function of the crawler belt and prevent the belt from falling off.

The buffer spring of the tensioning device must have a certain amount of preload to cause a pretension force in the track. Its function is not to affect the meshing of the track pin and the driving gear teeth due to a slight external force or slack when forward, and to generate sufficient traction force when reversing to ensure the normal meshing of the track pin and driving gear teeth.

Due to the recoil effect of the device, the tension spring bears the guide wheel on the right side so that it always maintains a certain tension state during the work, thereby guiding the track tension guide wheel.

5.Buffer spring

The main function is to cooperate with the tensioning device to achieve the elastic tensioning function of the track. Because of the role of the tensioning device, the spring is used to push the guide wheel to achieve the tensioning effect. Therefore, compression and tension springs can be used.

6.Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. wheel

The CZPT and rear position of the guide wheel is determined by the position of the drive wheel, and it is usually arranged in the CZPT . The guide wheel is used to guide the track to rotate correctly, which can prevent deviation and derailment. The height of the center of the guide wheel from the ground should be helpful to reduce the center of gravity.

7. Track roller

The track roller is one of the four wheels and one belt of the tracked construction machinery chassis. Its main function is to support the weight of the CZPT and the bulldozer, and let the track CZPT along the wheel. The number and arrangement of track rollers should help make the ground pressure distribution uniform. Agricultural walking mechanisms mostly work in mountainous or hilly areas, and most of the roads are dirt roads. The track equipment requires a small average ground pressure, and the pressure of the rollers must be evenly distributed.

8. Walking mechanism

Mainly includes the body of the crawler chassis, as a CZPT platform for the above parts, to facilitate the fixing and installation of guide wheels, track rollers, etc.