High supplier Quality Small Runway Paver Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

TPJ-1.6 Small CZPT Paver CZPT

1. TPJ-1.6 is the paving machine for synthetic running track(For small venues and EPDM paving).

2. TPJ-1.6 paving machine is assembled with CZPT d CZPT converter, easy to operate and enhance the automaticity of paving.

3. TPJ-1.6 paving machine is assembled with waterproof heating plate, which can effectively prevent leakage generated by contact with water/rain.

4. The chain of TPJ-1.6 won the national new practical patent, will not slip and become CZPT er.

Paving Width 1600mm
Moving Speed 0.8-6m/min
Electric hot plate setting temperature 90C
Paving Capacity 350m³/h
Power 8KW
Hydraulic system setting value 8Mpa
Weight 700KG
Dimensions 1600x1660x600mm