Ltd-P Mechanical Wire Rope Man-Riding Hoist

Ltd-P Mechanical Wire Rope Man-Riding Hoist

LTD-P mechanical wire rope male-driving hoist

Rigid endless passenger elevation (male-using) hoist developed to be utilized with unrestricted rope lengths for lifting and lowering staff. Capacities assortment from 500kg to 1000kg at either nine or 18 m/min.

The Rigid LTD-P Series endless cable (wire rope) passenger lifting hoist is the nearest substitute CZPT in the marketplace place to the Tractel Tirak XP Series manriding hoists. The new Rigid LTD-P Sequence limitless hoist is functional and appropriate for unrestricted purposes. 

The rope is not related which tends to make it compact, light-weight and quite simple to deal with. The unrestricted wire rope lengths capacity of the Rigid LTD-P Series makes it feasible to utilise limitless lifting heights and traction lengths.

Characteristics and Positive aspects

one.The robust, specifically machined housing of die-cast aluminium, assures a low lifeless-fat and exceptional rigidity. 
2. Gearing and travel sheave is fabricated from hardened steel. 
three. CZPT attachment of the winches is able by implies of a central 16mm load pin, or two M10 screws. 
four. Motor safety: Secured to IP55 as standard. 
5. CZPT LTD-P series running voltage: 380V, 3ph, 50Hz (voltage and frequency are CZPT on ask for). 
6. Management Voltage: 24V for cellular software units and 42V for the stationary apps designs. 
seven. Stage monitoring: As normal on mobile application types, not CZPT on stationary models. 
8. CZPT motor, as regular is equipped with a thermal overload security unit. 
nine. Certification: Qualified by and independent inspection institute (TUV). 
10. Push sheave and pressure rollers of special nitrided steel with a floor hardness of around 70 HRC, guaranteeing reduced put on of these parts. 
11. The fully-synthetic particular oil makes certain highest possible performance for silent running characteristics, in a temperature variety of -40°C to 70°C. 
12. CZPTised factors makes certain effortless access to all donning parts.


 The main parameters of LTD collection hoist
Design Capacity
Lifting pace
Nominal rope diameter
LTD50-8P9 500 9 eight.3 one.1 forty six
LTD50-8P18 500 18 8.three 2. forty seven
LTD63-8P9 600 nine 8.3 one.five 48
LTD63-8P18 600 eighteen 8.three two.two 49
LTD80-9P9 800 9 nine one.8 fifty
LTD80-9P18 800 18 nine 3. 53
LTD100-10P9 a thousand 9 10.two two.two fifty one
LTD100-10P18 1000 18 ten.two 4. 62
*Voltage and frequency are CZPT upon request.


Security for Passenger Elevation

In accordance with the specifications of DIN EN1808, every hoist used for passenger elevation should attribute a safety technique on an impartial safety rope. Rigid delivers two diverse basic safety Fall arrester for two widespread applications. Each sorts have been accepted for passenger elevation and comply with regular DIN EN 1808 “Safety specifications on suspended obtain gear”. In addition, slide arrester have been licensed by an unbiased inspection institute (TUV).



Versatile Attachment Factors

Attachment points in the corners of the housing are CZPT for adaptable attachment of the winch with screws or pins.


Security Lowering Mechanism

In the function of a energy failure, the electric powered-mechanical brake can be released manually in purchase to guarantee risk-free and managed lowering of the load.

Inner mechanism overload

When the load performing on the hoist reaches or exceeds the load restrict, the hoist will stop rising or only descend.


CZPTrd to operating hrs and amount of starts.


• Other working voltages. 
• CZPT manage for many hoists. 
• Radio remote management. 
• Restrict change for upward journey. 
• Counters for running hours and quantity of commences. 
• slide arrester (more than-pace or anti-tilting, required for passenger elevation apps). 
• Adaptor for fitting with shackle. 
• Ropes for endless hoist and slide arrester. 
• Overload minimize-out (integrated in the scope of source for passenger elevation winches).
Protection Devices
Overspeed security fall arrester (OSL)

The overspeed tumble arrester is instantly tripped when the decreasing velocity of the cable exceeds 30m/min (.5m/s). 

The integrated clamping jaw system created of hardened steel stops the decreasing of the wire rope inside a handful of centimetres.

Anti-tilting protection drop arrester (LSF)

The anti-tilting slide arrester is instantly tripped when the angle of the rope or the platform exceeds 5°. 

The integrated clamping jaw mechanism holds the rope and immediately stops the motion of the technique.


Dimensional Requirements

Ltd-P Mechanical Wire Rope Man-Riding Hoist