Automatic Poultry House Equipment Cage Coop

Automatic Poultry House Equipment Cage Coop

H Sort Ideal Cost Poultry Layer Rooster Cage Products

The H body layer cage program is Maximum Automated Tools for Layer Farms, it contains,
one. Cage Technique with Powerful and Stable Frame Structure.
2. Automated Feeding and Ingesting Method.
3. Computerized Egg Assortment Method.
four. Automatic Manure Elimination and Deliver Program.
five. Computerized Temperature Managing Method.

Tools Boosting Capacity:

Item No. Cell Length
Cell Depth 
Cell Height
Unit Dimension
Cells/Set Birds/Mobile Birds/Set
PT-H414 1000 625 650 one thousand*625*650 eight 14 112
PT-H514 one thousand 625 650 one thousand*625*650 10 fourteen 140
PT-H614 a thousand 625 650 1000*625*650 12 14 168
PT-H814 one thousand 625 650 1000*625*650 sixteen fourteen 224

Goods Advantages:
1.  Greater number of birds is reared for every unit of spot.
two.  The cages help in identifying bad producers and prompt culling.
3.  Seperate rooster with every other, effortless to notice the progress condition.
four,  Seperate chicken with manure, avert ailment an infection.
5.  Galvanized area treatment makes positive long service time of our products.

one. Cage Method with Powerful and Stable Frame Composition.
With Increased variety of birds, powerful and steady construction are necessary and crucial for tools, our cage body framework can cooperate nicely to keep secure and bear much more fat.

2. Automatic Feeding and Drinking System.
The feeding system consist of feed produce auger and feed distribution trolley.
The drinking program consist of filter, doser, water presure regulator, water pipes and nipple drinkers.


3. Automated Egg Assortment Program.
Automated egg collection unit produced of galvanized sheet and equipment made by our CNC equipment.
Egg collection chain program can be turned 90 degree with bends, egg cracking is prevened due to the fact of eggs will keep nonetheless during transportation.
In the meantime, the egg assortment chain program can be tailored easily for egg processing and grading machiners.

4. Automated Manure Removal and Produce Program.
Automatic manure removal technique consist of manure belts, manure removal machine, and manure produce technique.
Cleansing manure will provide wholesome environment and better air quality for layers.

5. Computerized Temperature Controlling Technique.
Automated temperature controlling method consist of exhaust supporters, cooling pads, air flow windows, and electronic managing box with temperature probe and humidity probe.

Why decide on our poultry products,

1. Prolonged Heritage and Prosperous Experience:
Launched in July 1997 with manufacturing facility spot of fifty thousand square meters, we have been functioning and exploring poultry raising tools because we are launched. By way of continuous exploration and innovation, now we introduce ourself the Major Company of Poultry Raising Tools in China.

two. Superior Processing Products and Professional Production Line:
We have 5 working shops with advanced processing products and 2 operating outlets with Robot Processing Equipment. All these ensures the exceptional high quality of our poultry boosting equipment.

3. Broad Selection of Poultry Raising Products:
Our poultry boosting gear can service for Layers, Broilers, Pullets, Breeders.
And all our tools are extremely automated equipment for modernized farm.

four. Specialist R&D Crew and Right after-sale Support:
Our professional R&D group can design and create the most appropriate equipment for our consumers.
We provide Excellent High quality and Automatic Tools.
For right after-sale services, we have skilled set up team which provides set up service to our clients all in excess of the planet. And at any time you will locate our engineers on WhatsApp for 24 several hours on line.

Automatic Poultry House Equipment Cage Coop