ANSI sales C55 Conveyor Cast C Combination Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Ansi C55 CZPT cast C Combination Chain


C55 conveyor chain is categorized as a cast combination chain. This C55 conveyor chain is a high quality, durable, and CZPT lasting conveyor chain that is manufactured using high quality components. C55 chain is used in a wide range of applications including; bucket elevators, flight conveyors, forest products, grain handling, sugar processing, and more! C55 combination chain links are manufactured to be symmetrical which means that this chain can travel in either direction. This C55 conveyor chain has the capability of conveying both abrasive and CZPT -abrasive materials which greatly broadens its range of applications that it can be used in. Typically this chain is supplied as cottered construction furnished with pin heads all on the same side, but riveted construction is CZPT CZPT . We also offer a full line of C55 attachments, sprockets, and other accessories. For pricing and availability please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.  

* Chain Number: C55
* Pitch (P): 1.631″
* Overall Width Cottered (C): 2.060″
* Overall Width Riveted: 1.970″
* Pin Diameter (E): 0.375″
* Sidebar Height (F): 0.750″
* Barrel Diameter (H): 0.720″
* Head Of Pin To Center Line (J): 0.970″
* End Of Pin To Center Line Cottered (K): 1.090″
* End Of Pin To Center Line Riveted: 1.000″
* Sidebar Thickness (T): 0.190″
* CZPT imum Allowable CZPT Face (A): 0.690″
* Barrel Length (X): 1.250″
* Ultimate CZPT : 12,150 LBS
* Working Load: 1,400 LBS
* CZPT s Per 10ft Box: 74
* CZPT ght Per Foot: 2.2 LBS



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