2020 Automatic PVC Sleeve Shrink Label Self-Adhesive Sticker Label Labeling Machine for Bottles

2020 Automatic PVC Sleeve Shrink Label Self-Adhesive Sticker Label Labeling Machine for Bottles

Solution Description
2018 Automated PVC sleeve label Self-Adhesive Sticker label Labeling Device for Bottles

PVC Sleeve Shrink Labeling Device

PLC Control PVC Labeling CZPT for Manufacturing Line
SLM-150B sleeve labeling device is a low pace equipment which can attain 9000 bottles for each hour, but it adopts equal PLC, servo motor and frequency converter. It also adopts the positioning module to make certain the casting label precise, quick and steady. 
It really is relevant different kinds of bottle sorts, like: Spherical, sq., flat, cruve and cup-shaped, and so forth. It applies to such meals & beverage industries as fruit juices, tea drink, dairy items, pure h2o, condiments, beer and sports consume. 

PLC Control Adhesive Labeling CZPT for Manufacturing Line
Labeling machine implementing: 
It is our upgraded item, with higher adaptability. It can label 1 facet, two sides, three sides and four sides of sq. bottle, spherical bottle with solitary label, (these kinds of as, health care merchandise, shampoo, shower gel, oil, lubricants, cleansing agents articles, eye drops bottles), It is extensively utilized and can label conical flask. 

Labeling equipment attribute: 
·The whole machine adopts a mature engineering PLC control system, so that the procedure of the machine is steady and higher speed
·The working system adopts touch-display screen management, so that the functioning is simple and hassle-free, functional and successful
·Upgraded dished label station design, can label conical bottle
·Screw adjustment suppressing system, the motion is correct
·Synchronization chain mechanism to make certain smooth and specific calibration
·Labeling transparent label CZPT bubble, labeling adhesive sticker does not wrinkle
·Widely used, multipurpose with 1 device and sturdy adaptability

PLC Handle Adhesive Labeling CZPT for Generation Line
CZPT Data 

Model / technical parameters RM-610
Labeling capability(PCS/min) -one hundred thirty bottles/min
Labeling accuracy(mm) ±1.0mm
Label dimension (L)twenty-300mm (H)10-180mm
Materials dimension (W)40-180mm (H)forty-350mm
Roll inside of(mm) Φ76mm
Roll outside the house diameter(mm) Φ350mm
Device dimension (mm) (L)3000*(W)1700*(H)1500(mm)
Electrical power offer AC220V 50Hz/60Hz 3000W

CZPT parameter
1. Design of enthusiast: DF-9 
2. Electrical power enthusiast: two.2 KW/Device Flowing capability: 2800m3/h Full strain: 1650MPa Rotation velocity: 2840r/min Excess weight: 38kgWater Filling Machine
4. Length of air conveyor: According to plant layout

Flat conveyor
1. Stable conveying, using synchronous chasing manage in between the conveying belt and
Motor, generating bottles in great issue in the conveying: Non-falling, non-block, non-jam. 
two. Conveying belt is made by module, element can be interchanged simply, with compact framework, lower sounds, easy assembling and keeping, great flexibility to combine the
Bottle kind according to the various capacity. 
3. The design of electrical management is innovative and rational, we can design and style the management
Method, decide on the electrical manage component in accordance to client’s structure, to enhance
The conveying security
four. Established the swap in accordance to conveying method format or customers’ realistic prerequisite, 
For the usefulness of procedure. 
five. Belt lubricating program is geared up
six. Main part all employing ANSI304
7. Fringe board is making use of the U. S. Rexnord engineering to create H2o Filling Device

1. CZPT Top: 1050mm
2. Side panel: 304 stainless steel sheet, thickness is 2mm
3. Electrical power: HangCZPT JIE Brand .75KW
four. Supporting leg: 304 stainless steel
five. Trunking and include: 304 stainless steel
six. Lubricant h2o conservation tank: 304 stainless steel
7. Chain plate: Domestic substantial-high quality plastic chain plate, polyoxymethylene (POM)
8. CZPT housing: 304 stainless steel cage 



2020 Automatic PVC Sleeve Shrink Label Self-Adhesive Sticker Label Labeling Machine for Bottles