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Hyundai near me shop 6ton Mini Hydraulic Crawler Excavator 60vs Digger Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Hot selling Hyundai 6ton Mini CZPT ulic Crawler Excavator 60vs digger machine

More environmentally friendly, more dynamic, CZPT er, lower fuel consumption

– new Tier3 engine with CZPT d diesel high pressure common rail electronic control injection technology

– fully and thoroughly combustion of diesel fuel, greatly improving performance

– multi-fuel filtering system ensures CZPT service life of the engine while reducing harmful gas emissions and being more environmentally friendly

– optimize the oil circuit design of the main control valve, and improve the operating speed and compound operating capacity

– the loading operation is more efficient and the amount of work per hour is larger

– lower operating costs and higher returns

IPC main pump intelligent control system

VPC variable CZPT control system

– IPC system reduces fuel consumption by intelligently controlling the main pump flow through the operating handle

– CZPT system can realize variable control of pilot pressure to ensure operating speed in all working modes

Coordinate with fuel performance to ensure high efficiency and low consumption

Structural parts last CZPT er

– install heavy duty large and small arms with better durability, use cast steel products to improve strength and increase durability by 1.5 times

– the walking and rotating motors are designed by hyundai heavy industries to enhance their durability

– the thickness of the lower support ring increased, and the welding strength of the lower frame increased by 20%

Higher cooling performance

– adopt high capacity and high efficiency direct cooling fan

– cooling module sealing sponge is oil resistant,

Polyurethane sponge with higher heat resistance

Durability shaft, sleeve and resin gasket

– increase the lubricity of shaft and sleeve, improve the abrasion resistance and prolong the butter injection period

– suitable for resin core, increase side lubrication, prevent wear and abnormal noise

– operation device is loose to minimize

Electrical system performance is enhanced

– MCU is sealed with silica gel to prevent water injection and vibration resistance

– strengthen anti-corrosion treatment while increasing the capacity of the generator

– enhanced durability and reliability of pressure sensors

Durability tank

– adopt the board + support style, the fatigue life of the welding part increases

3.6 times (35% reduction in relative stress)

– increase the size of the fuel injection port (prote83 to prote104) to improve the convenience and prevent overflow during injection

Out products:
1) ALL kinds of agricultural machinery
(road roller: single drum vibratory roller, tandem drum vibratory roller, pneumatic roller, light compactor, static three-drum roller. motor grader. asphalt concrete paver. cold mining machine. soil stabilizer. asphalt mixing plant. stabilized soil mixing plant , etc)
2) All kinds of construction machinery.
(Wheel loader, CZPT , truck, folklift, cranes, paver, road roller etc.)
3)All kinds of trucks
(truck crane, all terrain crane, rough terrain crane, crawler crane, truck-mounted crane, tower crane etc.)

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