Poultry Farm Equipment a Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage & Chicken Coop with 90 Birds

Poultry Farm Equipment a Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage & Chicken Coop with 90 Birds

A Variety Battery Layer Chicken Cage Program

A frame layer cage system designed each for open up and near home CZPT, specifically making use of commonly in tropical country such as Africa, South East Asia and South Asia in which the farmers have huge scale land for the large poultry farms.

CAGE System Requirements

Item NO. Mobile Size Cell Depth Mobile Height Dimension
/Unit (Mm)
Cells/Unit For every Established Tier/Established Birds For every Mobile/Unit/Established
A390 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/six 3 three/fifteen/90
A4120 390 350 380 1950*350*380 5/eight four 3/fifteen/one hundred twenty
A396 490 350 380 1960*350*380 four/6 3 4/sixteen/ninety six
A4128 490 350 380 1960*350*380 four/eight four 4/sixteen/128
A3120 430 420 410 2150*420*410 five/six three four/twenty/a hundred and twenty
A4160 430 420 410 2150*420*410 five/eight four 4/twenty/one hundred sixty
A3150 430 five hundred 430 2150*five hundred*430 five/six 3 five/25/one hundred fifty
A4200 430 500 430 2150*five hundred*430 5/eight four 5/twenty five/two hundred

1. Both of the traveling hopper( feeding carts) type and chain feeding program are CZPT.
two.The feeding cart connected with the silo by the transverse feeding auger is a lot more well-known here.In this technique, feed is distributed automatically to the feed carts from the feed silos by the spiral augers situated in a pipe with 90 -150 mm diameter. 
3. The augers and chain supplies produced in South Africa, also the best high quality worldwid

AUCZPTTIC Consuming System
1. This technique is manufactured up by the sq. pipes( thickness 2. 5mm) or spherical pipes( thickness 2. 0mm) with 360 degree flowing nipple drinkers, drinking water drip cups and h2o stress regulators, terminals, splits, h2o filters helps make sure the drinking water is cleanse and no dangerous to the levels.

2. The medicater (from France) to farmers, the ideal quality started CZPT simply because we are a single of the approved distributors of DOSATRON in China. It guarantees the layer birds health for the duration of all period of time.

AUCZPTTIC EGG Assortment Program
1. It is created up by egg selection devices, egg collection  belts (made in Italy) and egg belt hooks. The machines
can be from two tier to 4 tier.
two. A body cages also can be geared up with egg conveyor program which can deliver all eggs from distinct houses to egg storage space.
3. Egg generation of caged layer was described to be more than those retained in deep litter program.

AUCZPTTIC Hen MANURE Removal Technique

1. The scraper variety manure assortment devices is developed for A frame cage methods which has manure pits under the cages.
two. The manure dropping from the cages in the manure pits, and the scraper can gather the manure from the manure pits to the outdoors of the chicken property.
3. This method is well-liked design in Africa or other international locations who want to raise chickens on ground with cages.

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Poultry Farm Equipment a Type Automatic Layer Chicken Cage & Chicken Coop with 90 Birds